Contract Negotiators

Contract NegotiatorsWe know that a clear, complete contract that is understood and accepted by all sides is critical to successful performance under the agreement.  It is essential that the people who must work under its terms and conditions participate in developing the agreement.

Because our consultants have had the sometimes painful experience of having to deliver under deals we’ve negotiated, we not only make sure your contracts have all those legal terms and conditions that make your lawyers happy, we make sure every agreement we negotiate has those critical engineering, technical and management clauses that are critical to help your operations folks “get-the-job-done” faster, easier and cheaper.

We’ll help you understand the strengths and weakness in your (and your opponents’) negotiating positions…and we’ll work with you to develop strategies to build solid, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with your vendors and customers.  We build equitable, workable agreements that stand the test of time; making it easier for all parties to successfully fulfill all their duties and responsibilities.

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