Our Guiding Principles

  • We will act honestly, openly in everything we do and alwaysin a manner wholly consistent with the teachings of Christ.
  • We will only accept work that has a positive moral impact on our families, our neighbors, our clients, our community, and our world.
  • We will do our best work the first time.
  • We don’t believe that “the customer is always right”. We do, however, believe that “the customer is always the customer” and is always deserving of respect and patience.
  • We will admit our mistakes and do our best to correct them.
  • We will treat family, friends, customers, and colleagues with the same courtesy and respect we expect from them.
  • We will look to the long term impact of all our actions, letting where we want to be ten, twenty, thirty or even one hundred years from now shape and guide the actions we take today.
  • We will bring family and work life together; creating an organization that supports and defends life and family and where generations of family members are proud to work.
  • We will have fun meeting our clients’ needs!
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