About Us

Spinning Disc takes the fear out of technology management.

We have been providing clients with world-class business management, planning, contracting and operations consulting, guidance and advice since 1997. We’re not just a bunch of laid-off, pissed-off, mid-level functionaries playing consultant until a “real” job comes along.   We want to work with you, not for you.

We’re the guys with the big “S” on our chests. We’re the guys you call when there’s no where else to turn. We’re educators, advisers and sounding boards. But most of all, we’re doers. And we’ll teach you and your people to be doers, too.

We have the critical skills, experience, and know-how all those folks your company laid off over the past few years took with them when they left.

We focus on the fundamentals first.

We stay calm in a crisis; and we’ll help you and your people to remain calm and clear-headed, too.

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