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Signature Series Seminars
From basic project management to graduate level decision making, our Signature Series Seminars give you the skills to take you to the top.
Spinning Disc Blog
Big Biz Buzz: A communique. Our blog devoted to management, morals, technology and anything else that catches our attention...
Reference Library
Tools, tracts and tips to make you smarter, your performance smoother and your life less stressful.


We are no-nonsense operations professionals with an impressive track record of bringing order out of chaos, rescuing mission-critical projects, and delivering exceptional business results. Spinning Disc consultants have led highly skilled product and system development and procurement teams, started and guided global business operations, and designed, implemented & refined business and technical processes for clients world-wide.

SPINNING DISC delivers proven, common sense project management, high-tech procurement and business operations solutions that are always creative, workable, and based on years of practical, hands-on business experience.

We are committed to teaching our clients the skills they need to handle their complex business problems on their own. Our creative service and educational offerings bring added value to all our clients.

Call SPINNING DISC today and
“Let Our Experience Save You Time, Money and Aggravation!”

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